KERN OBS-106 Binocular Microscope

Product Code :  MIC-210-250

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The 1820 and 2820 binocular microscopes share the same modern shape and quality build. Choose between the coaxial focusing of the 2820 or the separate coarse and fine focus controls seen on the 1820. The 2820 has the advantage of a rack and pinion condenser rather than the more usual spiral condenser on the 1820.
The Kern OBS 106 has the advantage of a Seidentopf head offering greater comfort and ease of use.
See optional 100x objectives if required.

Product Code :  MIC-210-250
Brand:  KERN
Model:  OBS-106 Binocular Microscope
Size:  Full
Head:  Binocular Seidentopf
Eyepiece:  WF10X/18mm
Nosepiece:  Quardruple
Objectives:  EA Achromatic DIN
Focusing:  Coaxial, Coarse & fine
Stage:  Mechanical
Condenser:  1.2NA Abbe
Diaphragm:  Iris
Illumination:  LED with intensity control
Power:  Re-Chargeable
Brand:  KERN
-Mag/NA:  4 X/0.10, 10 X/0.25, 40 X/0.65S
Guarantee:  2 year