Nihon Kohden ECG-1250 Cardiofax S

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Nihon Kohden ECG-1250 Cardiofax S is a resting ECG device with alphanumeric keypad for quick entry of patient data.

Cardiofax” means: innovative, universal, expandable and causes the electrocardiograph ECG-1250 is the practical all-rounder. A color LCD display and a large memory patients are just the tip of the iceberg in this ECG device.

Nihon Kohden ECG-1250 ECG Machine features:
12-channel display
3/6 channel ECG printout in real time
Color, backlit LCD display with heart rate and artifact display
Integrated alphanumeric keyboard
Mains and battery operation possible
Thermal paper 110 mm
Manual and automatic recording
Analog output for 1-channel representation
Integrated slot for SD cards and USB interface to transfer to PC
Start / Stop function ergometer control


Paperless documentation with DMS software
incl. Measurement and Interpretation Program, resting ECG
incl. ECG Accessories Set

Nihon Kohden ECG-1250 Cardiofax S – innovative and universal
The Nihon Kohden ECG-1250 Cardiofax S makes the ECG simple and practical, comprehensive, with or without a PC. This means that the ECG device is mainly characterized by its versatile functions and the possibility to extend this yet.

Nihon Kohden ECG devices mean compact ECG recordings

The ECG machine is compact, lightweight and easy to carry. It weighs 2.5 kg, and lightweight battery together with overall dimensions corresponding to a simple A4 sheet.
paper-saving ECG recordings

You can, but does not print what the Nihon Kohden ECG records. This is made possible by the interfaces to the PC through which you can transfer the measured ECG data and waive printing. This helps in reducing costs. May be – but need not be. Because of the integrated thermal recorder records 6 ECG traces on 110 cm wide paper – so you have everything under control again.
excellent 12-lead ECG analysis

Nihon Kohden ECG-1250 Cardiofax S offers a 12-lead ECG interpretation program evaluation with ECAPS12C. It is a reliable analysis program for the simultaneous 12-lead ECG recording of up to 24 hours with an analysis of more than 200 findings based on 5 categories findings.
Data transfer for reporting

Via SD card, you can transfer the ECG data very simply to a PC to edit it using the optional data management software more, save or print.
Advanced recording the ECG device

As soon as arrhythmia is detected, the recording of the rhythm lead Nihon Kohden ECG through the device can be automatically extended. The recording of the first derivative group can be extended manually.
simultaneous display of 12-lead ECGs

The 12-lead ECG Nihon Kohden the EKF-1250 can play simultaneously. This improves the records and efficient investigations are possible. You can check the curves before the start of the recording and thus avoid erroneous printouts and unusable test results.

Packaging includes:

Nihon Kohden ECG-1250 Cardiofax S ECG device
WITH 4 limb clamp electrodes, 6 electrodes, Patient cable, Battery