Oval Plus Silicone Resuscitator

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  • Compatible with Mark IV parts
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Ergonomic, lightweight bag design

The Ambu Oval Plus Silicone resuscitator is a standard Ambu Oval Silicone Resuscitator, with a Mark IV inlet valve, designed for manual ventilation of neonates through to adults.


The Ambu Oval Plus Silicone Resuscitators has been constructed to use the Mark IV patient vale, the Mark IV inlet valve and the reusable oxygen reservoir. With the compatibility to Mark IV the amount of spare parts need to be maintained during the regular use.

The Ambu Oval Plus Silicone Resuscitators is made out of a view parts that can be disassembled easily. The whole Resuscitator can easy be cleaned and autoclaved at a temperature of 134° Celsius.

The unique shape is small and easy to hold. The ergonomic, lightweight design of Ambu Oval Silicone Resuscitator is made for optimal user handling. The Ambu Oval Plus Silicone resuscitator has a special textured surface combined with the unique support strap to ensures that a comfortable and firm grip is guaranteed, allowing for effective ventilation over extended periods, without the problem of hand fatigue.

The resuscitators are semi-transparent allowing for a visual check of the patient’s condition. A pressure limitation valve is optional for the adult version and has been included into the design of the pediatric versions to ensure the safety of the patient*.

* International guidelines recommend that all manual resuscitators for infant and pediatric patients should be equipped with a pressure limitation mechanism so the airway pressure does not exceed 45 cm H2O.


Additional detailed specification can be found in the datasheets.
(including reservoir and mask)

Bag volume

Adult (1475 ml), Pediatric (635 ml), Neonate (220 ml)


Adult (295×127 mm), Pediatric (234×99 mm), Neonate (165×70 mm)


Adult (350 g), Pediatric (230 g), Neonate (112 g)