Electric Acupuncture Pen The Pointer Excel II – Digital Handheld Acupuncture Pen With LED



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Product Features:

Electro Acupuncture Without Needles –

Perfect for those who have a fear of needles, yet want the amazing health results found with acupuncture.
Easy, Effective Pain Relief –
The Pointer Excel
II is an electro-acupuncture stimulator that can be used for pain relief. It works through the stimulation of acupuncture or trigger points located in your body.

Acupuncture Point Locator and Stimulator –

This advanced, needle-less, and user-friendly electro acupuncture machine can quickly locate and stimulate acupuncture points for electro acupuncture therapy.
Adjustable Frequency and Push Button –
The electronic acupuncture pen features adjustable frequency function and a push button for stimulation. This can be used for immediate treatment of the acupuncture point or area right after its detection.
Easy To Use –
The electro acupuncture device has a built-in, 0.35″ x 1.0″ LCD digital meter, that displays the frequency and location of an acupuncture point. With the help of this digital display, the user can easily locate the most accurate acupuncture or trigger point for stimulation.

pointer excel 2 electronic acupuncture device for electro acupuncture stimulator

Get the most comfortable electro acupuncture therapy with the Pointer Excel II digital acupuncture. The Pointer Excel II is an efficient tool for pain relief and management through the stimulation of acupressure, acupun
cture, and auricular points throughout your body.
The Pointer Excel II is the latest electro acupuncture stimulator plus trigger point locator for professional or home use. With this simple electric acupuncture pen, users can receive the benefits of acupuncture without the use of painful needles. This electric acupuncture machine is simple to use, can be self-administrated, and comes with easy to follow instructions.
This high-quality, no-needles, handheld electronic acupuncture device quickly locates and stimulates acupressure points, which provides a natural healing method for the body.
The Pointer Excel II can sense the variations of heat resistance in your skin, indicating the location of an acupoint. The digital meter, low-pitched audible tone, and visible flashing LED light alerts will alert you of an acupressure point. By the simple push of a button, the device sends a micro current for acupuncture electrical stimulation to that point.
The overall process is very simple, providing quick pain relief when you need it. From the time that a trigger point is detected, the finalization of the electroacupuncture treatment takes just some minutes. This modern acupuncture treatment is truly effortless and a breakthrough in electro acupuncture therapy.
How it works –
The Pointer Excel II is a handheld, battery-powered, portable Electro-Acupuncture Units.  It features an on/off intensity control switch, adjustable frequency from 1-16 Hz, and a polarity reversal switch. Through the use of metal plates on each side of the device, or the handheld grounding pole with attached wire, treatments can be administered to yourself or someone else with ease and efficiency.
For Each Purchase, You Will Get 
  • Pointer Excel device
  • Grounding pole with wire
  • Two interchangeable tips
  • 9-volt battery
  • Complete instructions
  • Carrying case