KERN OBS-103 Microscope

Product Code :  MIC-210-150

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The F11-15 microscope has the same specification as the F11-10 except for an upgraded (1.25NA) condenser, it is equally as popular in schools as the
F11-10, sharing the same rugged metal construction, metal focusing gear and student-proof locked-on components. The upgraded condenser makes it ideal for use with an optional 100x objective to achieve a magnification of 1000x. If working at a magnification of 1000x we would advise purchasing the optional mechanical stage with this microscope.
For portability choose one of the Kern models, which both have re-chargeable batteries. The OBS 105 differs from the OBS 103 only by the inclusion of an integral mechanical stage.

Product Code :  MIC-210-150
Brand:  KERN
Model:  OBS-105
Size:  Full
Head:  Monocular
Eyepiece:  WF10X/18mm
Nosepiece:  Quardruple
Objectives:  DIN Achromatic
Focusing:  Coaxial, Coarse & fine
Stage:  Mechanical
Condenser:  1.25NA Abbe
Diaphragm:  Iris
Illumination:  LEC with intensity control
Power:  Re-Chargeable
Brand:  KERN
-Mag/NA:  4X/0.10, 10 X/0.25, 40X/0.65
Guarantee:  2 year