Leitz LaborLux 11 POL S Polarizing Light Microscope

2,395.00 $



Fully Customizable

Add A Camera

Can Change The Stand, Head, Objectives

Serviced By Experienced Techs

With Warranty

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This Leitz LaborLux 11 POL S polarized light microscope is prefect for a a professional geologist that is looking for a quality microscope at a reasonable price.  This used microscope comes fully serviced with a focus drive overhaul and lubrication of all moving parts. The microscope comes with a binocular viewing head and pair of Periplan 10x/18mm eyepieces. Both eyepieces are focusing, and one contains a crossline reticle. The intermediate tube contains the bertrand lends for conoscopy and the removable analyzer. The four position centerable nosepiece has EF POL Strain Free 4x, 10x, and 40x objective lenses and has a slot for the included wave plate above it. A set of centering tools is included with the purchase.

Head: Binocular
Eyepiece: Periplan 10x/18 Eyepieces, both focusing

One cross-hair scale reticle

Intermediate Tube:  Bertrand Lens & Analyzer
Nosepiece Quadruple, centerable with centering screws
Objectives: EF POL Strain Free 4x, 10x, 40x
Stage: 360 Degree rotating stage w/ stage clips
Condenser: Condenser with built-in iris diaphragm and flip out top lens with rotating polarizer
Light Source: Halogen
Warranty: One Year Mechanical