Seca MVSA 535 Spot Check BIA Monitor

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With Seca mVSA 535 Spot Check Monitor with touch screen 7”
you can combine conventional measurement of vital signals with bioelectrical impedance (BIA) analysis.
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Seca MVSA 535 Spot Check BIA Monitor with bioelectrical impedance analysis is the world’s first vital parameter spot-check monitor that combines conventional vital signal measurement with bioelectrical impedance (BIA) analysis.

With Seca MVSA 535 Spot Check BIA Monitor you can in one step perform a conventional measurement of the 4 basic parameters of blood pressure, oxygen saturation SpO2, pulse rate and temperature, and perform a complete rapid analysis of the composition of the body composition from body water, fat mass and muscle mass.

Now, with Seca MVSA 535 Spot Check BIA Monitor a routine test includes measurements of more parameters. Seca MVSA 535 Spot Check BIA Monitor can be customized to your needs. Through the combined projection of the BIA and the vital signs, it enables the expansion of the diagnostic and therapeutic options.

The transmission of the measurement values ​​in the EMR system that you use is now done without any possibility of transmission error, thanks to the integrated high-performance software that is available, which communicates with any network. Seca 360 ° wireless technology guarantees the automatic transmission of height and weight from all compatible scales and height measuring systems in the device. Thus, with Seca mVSA 535 Spot Check ΒΙΑ Monitor, the efficiency of daily routine measurements is improved.

Seca MVSA 535 Spot Check BIA Monitor has a 7 ”touch screen with which the graphical presentation of the measurement values ​​is easily understood while it is equipped with a large internal memory in which up to 70,000 measurements can be stored.

You have the option to buy the monitor in a stator with a metal base for wheeled traffic.


  • WLAN, Seca 360 ° wireless technology, USB 2.0, Ethernet
  • Medical device class: ΙΙa
  • Screen Type: 7 “Touch
  • Temperature Measurement: Immediate, Genius 2 Ear
  • SpO2 measurement: Pulse Oximetry
  • Pressure measurement: Oscillatometry
  • Power supply: Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Dimensions: 252 x 262 x 278 mm
  • Weight: 3.7 kg
  • Manufacturer: Seca
  • Suggested Use: Professional Use
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • CE certification