ITO ES-130 Electro-Acupuncture device



The ES-130 is the #1 Electro-Acupuncture device chosen by professionals and students alike.

The pocket portable ES-130 is the smallest and smartest looking professional electro-therapy unit in the world, for use in or out of the office.

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Specifications 500 ohm test load
Output Channels: 3 independent intensity channels
(adjusted with fine frequency dial) L– 1 to 20 Hz
M– 20 to 150 Hz
H– 150 to 500 Hz
Low volts and current: 0 to 10 volts, 0 to 20 milliamps
High volts and current: 0 to 20 volts, 0 to 40 milliamps
Voltage, Max: 30 volts
Pulse width: 100 microseconds (µS)
Pulse shape: asymmetric biphasic square wave
Pulse modes: continuous
Power indication: flashing LED, each channel
Power source: 9 volt battery
Frequency indicator: flashing red light
Size, weight, color: 4.5″ x 3.2″ x 1.2″, 0.3 lbs, Gray