Multi Parameter Patient Monitor BPM-1010


Experience the superiority of high-performance monitor, BPM-1010
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  • 10.4″ Large touchable LCD display of 800.

  • Configurable up to 12 waveforms.

  • 3ch ECG[12ch EKG option) Resp. NIBP. SpO2. 21BP[41BP option)

  • 3ch ECG[12ch EKG option) Resp. NIBP. SpO2. 21BP[41BP option)2Temp[4Temp option) EtCO2[Main stream/Side Stream) option Optional Cardiac output.Optional Multi Gas[CO2, N2O)

  • 13 kinds Of Arrhythmia Detect.

  • 1200 of ECG Recall for 20seconds.

  • Unlimited configurations and flexible parameterposition at user’s command.

  • 30 days of graphic and list trends [mini trend screen].

  • 120 episodes of alarm event recall for 20 seconds event data & graphic,which can be zoomed to observe and to print out.

  • Easy to upgrade Software by SD Card [Max. 16G].

  • 2 rechargeable Li-ion batteries offer up to 5 hours of operation time.

  • RS-232C interface. VGA Out. Nurse call port.

  • EMR, HL7, Wired & WirelessCentral Station.